Berlin – World Clock Alexanderplatz

Berlin – World Clock Alexanderplatz

An impression of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz at blue hour, with the World Clock (Urania-Weltzeituhr) in the foreground.

The World Clock was erected in 1969 on the then newly designed Alexanderplatz and – just like the neighboring TV Tower – was opened to the public in time for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the GDR.
It quickly advanced to become a landmark and a popular meeting place in the center of (East) Berlin, and even today both Berliners and visitors to the city congregate here.

The World Clock, designed by Erich John, shows the 24 time zones of the earth and a rotating model of our solar system.

Some myths and legends entwine around the World Clock. For example, the gearbox of a Trabant (the iconic East-German car) is said to be installed inside it, and it is said that it still does its job reliably today.

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The World Clock on Berlin's Alexanderplatz

A wide angle shot of the World Clock.

Meeting point World Clock on Alexanderplatz

The World Clock is a popular meeting place in Berlin’s city center.

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