Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

The Oberbaum Bridge Berlin in the magical light of the Blue Hour.
The photo was taken at the Festival of Lights and shows a view across the Spree to the two characteristic towers of the bridge.
The light trails of cars, ships and the subway (on the “upper level” of the bridge) convey the typical, energetic atmosphere of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

The Oberbaum Bridge (German: Oberbaumbrücke) has crossed the Spree River since 1895; its wooden predecessors once marked Berlin’s customs border.
During World War II, the Oberbaum Bridge was badly damaged, and after 1945 it again marked a border: that of the Iron Curtain between East and West.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Oberbaum Bridge awoke from its sad slumber, and now it once again became the connecting element between Friedrichshain (formerly East Berlin) and Kreuzberg (formerly West Berlin).

By 1995 it had been completely reconstructed, including its subway viaduct, and since then the Oberbaum Bridge has once again become one of Berlin’s most beautiful bridges.
Today, like the Brandenburg Gate, it stands as a symbol and landmark for the reunited capital.

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Berlin by night: Oberbaum Bridge with light trails

Berlin by night: The Oberbaum Bridge with the light trails of the subway and road traffic.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

A subway train of the U1 line on the viaduct of the Oberbaum Bridge.

Berlin by night - Street Music on the Oberbaum Bridge

Typical Berlin, typical Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: Street Music under the Calatrava Arch of the Oberbaum Bridge.

Berlin Metro / Oberbaum Bridge

Colorful across the Spree: A Berlin subway train in the typical yellow in front of one of the characteristic red brick towers of the Oberbaum Bridge.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (Berlin): At the Oberbaum Bridge

A summer evening on the banks of the Spree in Friedrichshain, with the sun on the face and a blinking view of the most beautiful bridge in Berlin.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Black and white analog photography)

The characteristic towers of the Oberbaum Bridge in an analog black-and-white photograph, taken on 6×6 medium format film and a Rolleiflex.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin by Night

A night shot with light trails, with the Calatrava arch in central perspective.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Blue Hour)

Blue hour in Berlin. A photo in portrait format with the Oberbaum Bridge and its reflections in the water of the Spree.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Blue Hour)

A Spree panorama at blue hour, with a view of the historic Eierkühlhaus and the Oberbaum Bridge.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin at Festival of Lights

Berlin glows: The Oberbaum Bridge at the Festival of Lights.

A backlit shot of the Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

In the backlight of the setting sun.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin in Winter

Berlin in winter, with ice floes on the river Spree.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Long Exposure)

A long exposure of the Berlin Oberbaum Bridge.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (long exposure in black and white)

The Oberbaum Bridge Berlin in black and white.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

The most beautiful bridge in Berlin is also very photogenic in square format.

Under the arcades of the Berlin Oberbaum Bridge

Pedestrians, cyclists and the light rays of the setting sun on Berlin’s Oberbaum Bridge.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Black and White / Long Exposure)

A long exposure in black and white.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin - Skyline in the sunset

A Berlin skyline at sunset, with the striking silhouette of Oberbaum Bridge and TV Tower.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin in the Sunset

A backlit view.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin / Spree River Panorama (Long Exposure)

The view over the Spree in a long exposure.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin (Portrait Format with Light Trails)

A portrait photo with light trails and full of energy: The Oberbaum Bridge Berlin in the magical light of the blue hour.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin / Subway

The U1 subway line connects Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg on the Oberbaum Bridge viaduct.

New Year's Eve in Berlin / Oberbaum Bridge

New Year’s Eve in Berlin: Here on the Oberbaum Bridge you can also celebrate into the New Year.

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